Sep 23, 2010

Got Wood?

Meet Woody Loggins the Lumberjack! he is ultra fresh straight from the wood-hood.

I also have these little fox brooches for sale.
Wouldnt he look great parading around the town on your coat!

In other fun news I will be selling the softies and brooches you see here at the Porcelain Womb Artist Stall at the Milk Market at 1000 Pound Bend on Sunday September 26th and October 3rd with a bunch of other fantastic artists selling hand drawn illustrations, jewelry, mix tape lucky dips and tote bags. So make sure to come by and say hi!

Sep 16, 2010

Teeny Tiny

 Something I just made for fun... a tiny record player... 
Also, here are a bunch more of my new tapes...
 I will have these sweet wares and more for sale at an upcoming market day at 1000 Pound Bend in a couple of weeks, so check back soon for details!

Sep 9, 2010

I have started making a bunch of new brooches starting with new tapes and here is one. I think I have finally refined my design, so I hope you like them too. 
If you like any of the things you see on here and want to buy something shoot me a email, I would also be happy to do a custom version of anything you like, but I am working on getting a shop to sell this stuff, maybe etsy or something like that, so stay tuned.

Wibbley-Chops comes to life!

This is my new pal Wibbley -Chops, he just popped off the page to say hello! He also has a mini zine with  the story of his life,  so if you like him look out for it, ill probably have some in sticky soon or email me and ill send you one.

Aug 31, 2010

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok.

So I knitted this little beard-face-man as a prototype for a larger version that I'm currently constructing, but I thought he was so super cute that I turned him into a little brooch and named him Sven. Here he can be seen gallivanting about town on the lapel of the lovely Laura Smith.

Apr 25, 2010

More Creeps

Here are a few characters I'm working on at the moment.

Meet Hot-Air Harry. 
He loves day dreaming with his head up in the clouds, but sometimes finds it hard to make friends because he has a bit of a wind problem.

Melvin is a stinky hobo melon, his head is full of rot and is home to a family of flies. He loves to mellow out and play his ukulele. 

 The Sad Apple. Mr Apple is sad today because his new bandit mask clashes with his cowboy boots.
His friend is going to take him to the store to buy a new one.

Apr 23, 2010

mini mixes


So I made these a little while ago from scraps of fabric and felt. The tapes are little brooches! and come in tiny re-modeled matchboxes with a 5 song mix on the back. I made up these bands and songs cos I was in a rush to get them to market, but I'd like to make real 5 song mini mixes to list on the back for my second run. If you are a fan I can make you one, just email me with the colors you want. I think tomorrow I will hop to and start sewing more of these little cuties.
Also whilst digging around some dusty boxes recently looking for my Polaroid (which was unfortunatley a little worse for wear and no longer in working order), I came across this lovely camera I was given as a present not to long ago. 

Its a Braun Super Paxette and it was made in Germany, I think its from the 50s. hope fully its all in working order. I haven't tried it yet but if it works well Ill be sure to put up some photos.

Mar 12, 2010

Bearded Bella

Meet Bella the Bearded Lady. Since fleeing the circus several years ago Bella now has a lot more time for maintaining her magnificent beard, knitting jumpers for her friends the Siamese twins and enjoying a quieter life in Hawthorn.

Feb 26, 2010

Sospeso March Poster

So here is this months poster with the theme this month, Domestic Rock 'n' Roll, so, be sure to head down to Caffe Sospeso in Hawthorn, you're sure to be in for a swell evening.

Summer Sewing Adventures

So friends, its been quite a while between posts. In the past week have sewn my first ever item of clothing that looks great and doesnt fall apart as soon as you touch it, its a lovely powder blue floral print dress, I made a pattern from a cool little dress that used to be my mums.
I had a computer melt-down taking precious, precious work to a sad glitchy computer hell... and discovered a magical vegan chocolate cupcake recipe, a scrumptious way to soothe my woes, (thankyou baking gods).

Also here are some of those creations from over summer, Mr. Popsicle, Mr Ice-cream-head-man , and Mr Scary-Caveman accompanied by my dad.  I really enjoyed turning my little scribbles into cool squishy characters, there is more in the works  so if you like these then check back for more soon!

Jan 9, 2010

Sad Apple and Lumber Shark

So Im sitting here on this stupidly hot night at my folks house where I am spending my holidays and what happens to be on t.v. but JAWS!, Jaws 2 to be exact. and who doesnt love a bit of robot shark action. And speaking of sharky stuff, meet my latest creation in a long line of recent plush character creations which I made for my friends and family for christmas.

Meet Mr. Lumberjack in his new shark suit....

I also just drew this little Sad Apple boy for a flyer for my friend. Look out for apple boy in his full glory on the Feburary Sospeso Readings flyer floating around Melbourne soon.

Look out for some more photos of my summer creations which I hope to post soon when I get a chance to take some pretty pictures of them, they are a real sweet treat, so to speak..(you'll see)