Apr 23, 2010

mini mixes


So I made these a little while ago from scraps of fabric and felt. The tapes are little brooches! and come in tiny re-modeled matchboxes with a 5 song mix on the back. I made up these bands and songs cos I was in a rush to get them to market, but I'd like to make real 5 song mini mixes to list on the back for my second run. If you are a fan I can make you one, just email me with the colors you want. I think tomorrow I will hop to and start sewing more of these little cuties.
Also whilst digging around some dusty boxes recently looking for my Polaroid (which was unfortunatley a little worse for wear and no longer in working order), I came across this lovely camera I was given as a present not to long ago. 

Its a Braun Super Paxette and it was made in Germany, I think its from the 50s. hope fully its all in working order. I haven't tried it yet but if it works well Ill be sure to put up some photos.

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