Jan 19, 2013

Battle Time!

A little while ago I began designing some artwork for t-shirts for my band Battle Club. Now I can finally show you some of the results. My housemate and fellow band member Hamish and I screen printed them all by hand and made the screen up ourselves which was tricky and a little trial and error was involved but the result is pretty great in the end and really satisfying to know you did it all yourselves. You can also see Hamish below modelling the t-shirt american apparel style.

Jan 17, 2013

So after much thought about it I am finally opening up an etsy store, yay. I have been working hard preparing stock and making cute badges and stickers, later I'll be adding some prints and eventually some screen printed t-shirts and totes. I spent today photographing some of my stock and made some cute props and backdrops which I thought would share.