Nov 28, 2011

All the best characters

I made these for a rad art show my buddies had 'All the Best Characters' back in May (I think).
Bogan Dinosaur

Punk Genie

Nov 27, 2011

I recently visited some family friends in Echuca who have a dairy farm and took these snaps of some baby calves that I met. These photos are also from the first colour film taken with my Super Paxette

Nov 12, 2011

Travel Tips

A little earlier the year I created this zine with Steven McNeil* all about efficient travel ideas, it is filled with cute thoughts and practicalities beyond reasonable practicality.

If you would like a copy please email me and I will provide you with my home address for you to mail a worthy snack for my consumption, remember to include your return address. Or you can get it at Smiths Alternative Bookshop in Canberra and soon Sticky in Melbourne.

*Currently Steven is desperately trying to get "views" on his flickr photos to obtain some sort of judgment on his own self worth. Here is the link to his boring photos.

Nov 8, 2011

Hello Weenies!

For Halloween my boyfriend Steven and I made these rad skull masks from cardboard boxes. They must have been really scary because we scared off all the taxis and ended up spending most of the night costumed up and dancing to gangsta rap on the streets of Canberra. I love making my own costumes especially hats and masks. If you are having a costume party you should probably invite me.

Yes you should.

Nov 7, 2011

To colour!, to draw! I feel powerful once more!

Hey friends, wanted to tell you about some rad stuff Ive been up to. I bet you thought I was long gone, blog-gone but huzzah! I have returned-ed. No promises of mega regularity but caring is sharing and sharing is caring.

I just love to create little characters and lately I have been making a whole lot of little sticker friends and the little guys are running wild all over the streets of Melbourne hiding in corners and alleyways and and jumping all over the walls. These rad dudes are now being birthed on "borrowed" stationary proportionally to the down time I have at work. Here is just a handful.