Apr 25, 2010

More Creeps

Here are a few characters I'm working on at the moment.

Meet Hot-Air Harry. 
He loves day dreaming with his head up in the clouds, but sometimes finds it hard to make friends because he has a bit of a wind problem.

Melvin is a stinky hobo melon, his head is full of rot and is home to a family of flies. He loves to mellow out and play his ukulele. 

 The Sad Apple. Mr Apple is sad today because his new bandit mask clashes with his cowboy boots.
His friend is going to take him to the store to buy a new one.

Apr 23, 2010

mini mixes


So I made these a little while ago from scraps of fabric and felt. The tapes are little brooches! and come in tiny re-modeled matchboxes with a 5 song mix on the back. I made up these bands and songs cos I was in a rush to get them to market, but I'd like to make real 5 song mini mixes to list on the back for my second run. If you are a fan I can make you one, just email me with the colors you want. I think tomorrow I will hop to and start sewing more of these little cuties.
Also whilst digging around some dusty boxes recently looking for my Polaroid (which was unfortunatley a little worse for wear and no longer in working order), I came across this lovely camera I was given as a present not to long ago. 

Its a Braun Super Paxette and it was made in Germany, I think its from the 50s. hope fully its all in working order. I haven't tried it yet but if it works well Ill be sure to put up some photos.