Apr 25, 2010

More Creeps

Here are a few characters I'm working on at the moment.

Meet Hot-Air Harry. 
He loves day dreaming with his head up in the clouds, but sometimes finds it hard to make friends because he has a bit of a wind problem.

Melvin is a stinky hobo melon, his head is full of rot and is home to a family of flies. He loves to mellow out and play his ukulele. 

 The Sad Apple. Mr Apple is sad today because his new bandit mask clashes with his cowboy boots.
His friend is going to take him to the store to buy a new one.


  1. Hello there. You don't know me but (the lovely and magnificent) Susie A suggested that you might like to contribute something to the zine that I am compiling. It could be something you have already done or something new but whatever it is, it would be up to you. Let me know if you are interested. My email is staceteague@gmail.com

  2. Hey thanks, that would be awesome. I'll send something your way.