Dec 27, 2009


Hey folks, here is a collection of little drawings I have done lately in my tiny holiday sketch book, it has kept me busy on buses and trains over the christmas holidays. I hope your holidays have been super, see yall in the new year.

Nov 28, 2009

Delirium Crafternoons (CRFT001)

 On Sunday...thats tomorrow, I will be making my way down to craft-town, where the wonder that is Delirium Crafternoons is about to be born. From 4 pm I will be taking my good self down to The Great Britian Hotel , Church St , Richmond, and so should you, where there will be ideas brewing and oozing out some crafty brains, through nimble hands and fingers, picking up pens, paper, scissors, staplers, glue, needles of the knitting and sewing persuasions, weaving implements and sipping the occasional bevvy. Its sure to be a good Sunday arvo, I hope to see you there.

Nov 21, 2009


Filter017 Graphic Design...


...are freaking awesome.


Gaston Caba's Ping-Pong Remix. Ping-Pong Remix is the project in which Gastón Caba offers up his own characters to be reinterpreted by other fabulous artists. Here are some of my favorites or check out the website for all remixes in their full glory.


Things I love today No.1

Nov 19, 2009

So you dig poetry huh?

So I just finished this flier for a friend of mine.

Laura Smith runs the delightful Sospeso Readings, a monthly poetry filled evening at the lovely Caffe Sospeso in Hawthorn. The next one is Friday December 4th. There are feature poets followed by open mic so you can get your poetic butt on up and have a go yourselves.
And if you need a little poetry fix you might wanna check out Laura's blog Revving the Engine.

Nov 15, 2009

Make pie your friend today.

So there is this enormous lemon tree in my front yard and it yeilds the most wonderful juicy morsels of fruit, perfect for making delicious lemon butter, vegan lemon cake, and epic lemon meringue pie, the latter of which my housemate and I whipped up recently inspiring the following drawing....


Abominable Beardman

Hi there. My name is Zoe. Welcome to my blog where I hope to share my drawings and all kind of tasty, arty tid bits with you.

My first inky offering is beardy goodness I drew this weekend. 13 beards and a few mos to be exact. T'was perhaps somewhat influenced by the sweet movember air and some beardy of friends of mine, you know who you are...

and hey why not throw in a couple more creepy creatures....