Feb 26, 2010

Summer Sewing Adventures

So friends, its been quite a while between posts. In the past week have sewn my first ever item of clothing that looks great and doesnt fall apart as soon as you touch it, its a lovely powder blue floral print dress, I made a pattern from a cool little dress that used to be my mums.
I had a computer melt-down taking precious, precious work to a sad glitchy computer hell... and discovered a magical vegan chocolate cupcake recipe, a scrumptious way to soothe my woes, (thankyou baking gods).

Also here are some of those creations from over summer, Mr. Popsicle, Mr Ice-cream-head-man , and Mr Scary-Caveman accompanied by my dad.  I really enjoyed turning my little scribbles into cool squishy characters, there is more in the works  so if you like these then check back for more soon!

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