Jan 9, 2010

Sad Apple and Lumber Shark

So Im sitting here on this stupidly hot night at my folks house where I am spending my holidays and what happens to be on t.v. but JAWS!, Jaws 2 to be exact. and who doesnt love a bit of robot shark action. And speaking of sharky stuff, meet my latest creation in a long line of recent plush character creations which I made for my friends and family for christmas.

Meet Mr. Lumberjack in his new shark suit....

I also just drew this little Sad Apple boy for a flyer for my friend. Look out for apple boy in his full glory on the Feburary Sospeso Readings flyer floating around Melbourne soon.

Look out for some more photos of my summer creations which I hope to post soon when I get a chance to take some pretty pictures of them, they are a real sweet treat, so to speak..(you'll see)

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