Jun 6, 2012

Win-ter! (or be positive, make winter your friend)

A little while ago I attempted to get back into selling my wares at markets, I headed to the Blender Lane Market with my buddies Zahra and Sam. Little did I anticipate the chilly onset of winter. I sold nothing on the day but it was great hanging out with my friends and meeting nice folks. I had these super cute purses to sell and I am getting more stock together to hopefully do more markets over winter (hopefully in nice cosy pubs with open fires.) 
Photo by Zahra Zainal

In addition to the lovelies above I have started work on what are to be probably the cutest coin purses ever made. I am working hard at getting into more of a structured design process and it is proving to be a great help in developing my style to sort through ideas and have a goal to work towards. Here is a weird dark photo taken at night to prove I am a hard working night owl.

In other news I have just started teaching my self to crochet yay! after producing many small mangled looking blobs I think I finally have the hang of it and I am embarking on a wooly warm hat adventure, so wish me luck!

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  1. YAY! I love Melbourne markets. You are such a talented lass